Welcome to Bett D&D Club

Do you like D&D? How about Magic: The Gathering? Pathfinder? Other games? Join Our After School Club!


About Bett DnD Club

Sponsored by Brad Bannerman and Steve Andresen, Bett DnD Club was founded in 2019 before the arrival of the Covid pandemic. Many clubs would have struggled to continue after such a major hiccup, but the Bett DnD Club not only survived, but has grown in the years since returning to in-person learning. 

Thanks to some donations from some Dice manufacturers and a miniature manufacturer, Bett DnD Club can support players from beginner to veteran.

At any given time, there are four or more campaigns running, with four to eight players to each campaign! 


Contact Us

Have questions about Bett DnD Club, or interested in joining? Please reach out — we’re happy to help.

3333 18th St.